Wednesday, May 30, 2012

OWH Blog Hop Candy Winner is... selected:

Very cute--I like the stitching in the background and the ribbon on the elephant's trunk--so that is how they remember!

Congratulations on winning the Spellbinders Nestibilities set!

Thanks to everyone who hopped by and to all my new followers!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Operation Write Home Memorial Day Blog Hop

It's that time again!  Operation Write Home Memorial Day Blog Hop!  This year they are throwing in a twist with a sketch challenge.  Feel free to HOP in here:  Operation Write Home.  Should be a very fun weekend ahead seeing all the sketch cards made by over 142 blogs! 

For my sketch, I choose Sketch #17:

How cute is this Mr. Elephant?  You know... elephants never forget.  No matter how far (or near) someone is... it's always great to hear that you're not forgotten.

Operation Write Home is a way to help our service men and women to connect with their loved ones at home with handmade cards.  Want to join the cause?  You can find out more information about OWH cards here.

Please leave some love here with a message to enter to win a Spellbinders Nestibilities set.

Thanks for hopping by!  Have a safe and happy Memorial Weekend!

Doodle Dragon Studios digi - Never Forget set
Provo Craft stitched paper
Making Memories patterned paper - Vintage Antiqued Strip Ocean
Pop Dots
American Crafts cardstock

 Operation Write Home Sketch #17

Friday, May 25, 2012

Why, oh why must the 100 Followers elude me for so long?  My blog has been hanging onto 99 followers for what feels like forever.  But my Pinterest  followers is growing quickly.  Who will break the 100 Follower for me?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May Membership Show Off Day

The Doodle Dragon Studios Design Team are showing off the latest and greatest images in Dustin Pike's May Membership set. Here's my card, click here now to go check out the others!

My friend posted this sentiment the other day.  I had a good laugh.  Originally, it said "inside my fort", but I switched it to match the image.  Oh, the days of forts and clubhouses.  Some days growing up is overrated...

Doodle Dragon Studios image - May Membership 2012
Card Patterns Sketch #13

Sunday, May 20, 2012

DDS Sketch Challenge Time!

This week, one of our loved Doodle Dragon Studios Design Team member (Ri) announced that she was leaving the team.  As sad as I am to see her go, I am also soooo excited for her and her next adventure in her life!   

When I was young, my great grandfather never allowed us to say "Good bye" or "bye" when we left his home.  He said it sounded so final.  Instead, he always said, "See you!"  Even though he has been in heaven for years and years, his tradition has carried on.  So to you Ri, see you!  Best of luck!  Here's a BIG slobbery card with love!  I will miss you!

My second card is to celebrate FRIDAY!  May is always a crazy month for me.  So Friday's are a great break from the madness.

Here's the Doodle Dragon Studios Sketch challenge for this week.  Grab a Dustin Pike/Doodle Dragon Studio image and create a project.  Then post your creation to the challenge by Sunday, May 27th.  Have a safe and happy Memorial Weekend!  Be sure to stop by on Saturday to join in the Operation Write Blog Hop with me!

See You Supplies:
Doodle Dragon Studios image -February 2012 freebie
Digi ribbon & buttons - Janielle Paige Designs
Digi white crinkle & red paper - Star Spangle Banner set - Deanna Jones 
Font - Boulder

Friday Supplies:

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

State Report

Things have been a little crazy around our house with everything happening at once.  I'm hoping things will slow down soon or at least a few things will be off my plate soon.  

I broke out my Cricut for my daugther's State Report poster.  It looks small, but it's one of the science fair display posters.  She designed the layout and drew the pictures.  We're a great team!  Originally, we were going to do a beachy background, but decided Mickey Mouse color scheme is all about Florida/WDW and Mickey could say the state motto. 

I could really go for laying on the beach in Marco Island today...

Black display poster (purchased at OfficeMax)
Mickey Font Cricut cartridge
Batman Cricut cartridge
Don Juan Cricut cartridge

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Door #5 - Secretaries

Okay, I saved the best for last... the secretaries door!  This is personally my all time favorite of the Teacher/Faculty Appreciation Week doors I have created.  We have a tradition that the PTA Executive Board takes care of the office administration.  Who appreciates the admin more than the PTA?  No one!  Usually, the PTA President takes the Principal's door, the PTA President-Elect takes the Vice Principal's door, and the PTA secretary takes the secretaries door.  But once again, I swapped doors with the PTA secretary, so I could do this door.  The beauty of being the TA Door Coordinator and PTA Leadership VP, oh and the fact that I LOVE doors.

Remember in March when I made a card for our head secretary that is retiring this year?  I wanted to tie it all in together.  She's been with our school since it opened 15 years ago.  The other two secretaries are staying, but I will miss Denise with her smiling face.  Our secretaries definitely keep our school under control.

Little additions to this door... amazingly, I found butcher paper that was a dull red color for the bricks.  I cut them all the same height and length, and rounded the edges with my Chomper.  Then staggered each layer.   The giraffe's mane is yarn.  The monkey has an added foliage layer on him with a slightly different green butcher paper.  And the flag has glue dots every so many inches to create the waving in the wind effect.

Next year will be my family's last year at our school.  I only have one more year of decorating doors.  So sad, on so many levels.

If you'd like to take a stroll through virtual tour of our school's Teacher Appreciation Doors, you can find it here:

Doodle Dragon Studios image - Jungle coloring page
Brown yarn
Big Chompers - rounding corner (for the bricks)
Pre-cut letters
Butcher paper
Glue dots

Friday, May 11, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Door #4 - Library

Our school librarian is doing a pirate theme for her decor next year.  So I decided for Teacher/Faculty Appreciation Week to make something she could reuse.  The scroll on the signpost says, "There's no ARRRRRRGuing that Mrs. Green is our hidden treasure!"  She really is the best!  Mrs. Green wanted my parrot from the Pirate Treasure Hunt contest bulletin board, but another teacher had already spoken for it.  I love the concept and images of this door, but not the proportions.  I should have put the saying in the sky.  But on the day I was creating this door, I was super sick and my brain couldn't (and wouldn't)  think straight.  And the images couldn't be any bigger if they are going to fit on her bulletin board next year.  Despite my foggy brain, the door was completed and she loved it.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Teacher Appreciation #3 - Small Groups/Autism Teachers

We're at the half way mark!  Today's Teacher Appreciation Week door is the Small Groups (Autistic class) teachers door.  There is 1 main teacher with 3 aides for 14 boys (grades 4-6).  These ladies are amazing and so patient with our Small Groups students. 

In March, the Small Groups classes (we have 2) won the Pirate Ice Cream Party.  I've never done a Small Groups party so this was a new experience.  The students were so excited!  After serving the ice cream, one cute little girl grabbed my hand and pulled me close to her.  She wouldn't let me go.  I held her hand for several minutes.  Anytime she would feel my hand slightly letting go, she would hold it even tighter.  The party was over and I had to leave.  She still wouldn't let go and it was hard for me to let go!  She was so cute!  One of the aides came over to take my spot.  The students were very set in their likings, but sweet and so polite.  Both the students and the teachers inspire me to be a better, more patient and caring person.  Thanks for being part of our school!

Doodle Dragon Studios image - monkey (Awareness set)
Puzzle - Cuttlebug Puzzled cutting die
Butcher paper

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Door #2 - Bananas About You!

Here's Teacher Appreciation Door #2 for my daughter's teacher.  All three of my children have had Mr. Madruga.  He's the coolest teacher ever!  We love him.  Since this is our last year having him, I asked his Room Mom if I could trade her for another faculty door.  Thankfully she agreed.

I had several different ideas, but my daughter wanted this one.  Mr. Madruga loves to eat bananas... I'm talking several throughout the school day.  What a good example!  I even managed to throw in the globe to tie in the Teacher Appreciation Week theme.  But a jungle is technically part of the world too.  Just saying. 

Doodle Dragon Studios image - monkey
Doodle Dragon Studios image - world (Earth set)
Mickey Mouse Font Cricut cartridge
Vine border 
Butcher paper

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Door #1 - Art Teacher

If you've been following me for a while, you know that my all time favorite school event is Teacher Appreciation Week.  I love, love, love our teachers and faculty at our school!  And I love, love, love decorating their doors for them.  Since I am also the Teacher Appreciation Door Coordinator, I get first dibs on the doors.  Some people call me crazy, but I usually take several.  This year our Teacher Appreciation Week theme is "Our Teachers are the BEST in the World!"  Each day this week I will post a different door I made.  So much fun!

Let's start with the art teacher's door.  I was inspired by her actual room.  You can't really see it, but her room is pained blue with clouds all over.  Rumor is she might not be the art teacher next year.  I've never done her door before, so I thought I'd better jumped on the chance.

I printed out Dudley the Artist, then used my projector to enlarge him.  Each color is traced on a different layer.  Remember Paperkin dolls?  It's like that, except super sized.  If you look close on the word PART, the ART is shadowed in blue.  The cloud is from Google, then enlarged.  They worked out perfect so Dudley wasn't just floating on the blue paper.

I think she's going to like it!

Doodle Dragon Studios image - Dudley the Dragon freebie
Doodle Dragon Studios image - world (Earth Day set)
Don Juan Cricut cartridge 
Butcher paper

Sunday, May 6, 2012

DDS Orange, Red & Yellow Challenge

Fill this can with fun things to entertain your  quarantined Chicken Pox friend.

I was a little busy this week doing the Teacher Appreciation Week doors, so you stuck with some repeat projects this challenge.  Sorry.  It will be worth though!

Join the Doodle Dragon Studio Design Team in the Orange, Red, and Yellow Challenge.  Dustin even joined in the challenge this week!  Check out the inspiration!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Best Teachers in the World

Yahoo!  It's the last Ongoing Fundraising contest of the year!  I can't believe the school year has flown by.  But I'm ready for summer to relax and recharge my batteries for next year!

Here's my bulletin board for the contest.  The beautiful thing is that it doubles for our Teacher Appreciation Week theme too!

Watch for Teacher Appreciation Door decorating pictures next week!  I'm so  excited!  Dustin Pike - Doodle Dragon Studios images make my job sooooo much easier.

This Dudley the Dragon is from the Earth Day set.