Friday, September 14, 2012

Come to the School Carnival

Really, I'm alive.  It's just a been a little nuts around here the last month.  As I've mentioned before, I am the PTA Leadership VP and the PTA Ongoing Fundraising Coordinator (Box Tops, Campbell's, Chick-fil-A Spirit Nights, ink & phone recycling, store cards, etc) for our school.  So between Back to School Night, ending of Summer Box Tops contest & prizes, starting a new Ongoing Fundraising contest, assemblies, Chick-fil-A Spirit Night, new training for the Board, school carnival, and oh my personal crazy life with my kids... let's just say my card crafting has been put on hold for a moment.  But I haven't forgotten Doodle Dragon Studios.  Dustin's images are a staple for all my flyers, promotions and contests!

I used this adorable monkey as part of our upcoming PTA School Carnival flyer.  He was a freebie a while back.  August 10, 2011 to be more exact.  His shirt originally said, "I see.  I do."  But I used Photoshop on his shirt and added our new school T-shirt logo.  The balloons were borrowed from one of Dustin's birthday party owls.  Then I added new strings to attach them to the cute monkey.  Totally looks like, "Come to the School Carnival!" to me.

I admit.  I'm a PTA junkie.  I'm a Doodle Dragon Studios junkie.  And I love it!

I shall return.  Be patient.  :)  Things will slow down soon.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Mind's Eye Challenge

Don't leave!  No really... you've landed at Big Smiles from Kbear.  My friend challenged me to stretch a little bit and create two cards with the new My Mind's Eye - The Sweetest Thing line.  I must admit, I looked at the collection a million times over the last 2 weeks.  The product line is super cute, but not my normal genre so my mind couldn't wrap around it immediately.

Once I really put my mind to it, the first card came together pretty quickly.  I wanted a monotone scheme with a little splash of color.  Simple, clean, straight forward.. "You are the best!  You're #1!" It's a clear message.  Sometimes I think the layers upon layers or tons of embellishments distracts from the true focus. 

I was drawn to the products on the card below because it reminded me of my childhood.  When I was very young I lived in Texas.  My great grandma would write me letters on white lined stationary with old cards cut and pasted to decorate the paper.  The cursive paper also reminded me of her handwriting.  I still have all the letters tucked safely away for those days to remember the love of my grandma.  My great grandparents also had a huge raspberry patch in their enormous garden.  They were the most delicious plump raspberries in the world.  We would go pick fresh raspberries, then bring them into the house.  We would each get a bowl for our berries, sprinkle a little sugar and pour cold milk on them.  Yum.  So many great memories.  So many reasons why I love my grandma.  She would have been so happy to open her mailbox to find this card waiting for her.  Does anyone know how much does a stamp cost to send a card to heaven?