Friday, September 14, 2012

Come to the School Carnival

Really, I'm alive.  It's just a been a little nuts around here the last month.  As I've mentioned before, I am the PTA Leadership VP and the PTA Ongoing Fundraising Coordinator (Box Tops, Campbell's, Chick-fil-A Spirit Nights, ink & phone recycling, store cards, etc) for our school.  So between Back to School Night, ending of Summer Box Tops contest & prizes, starting a new Ongoing Fundraising contest, assemblies, Chick-fil-A Spirit Night, new training for the Board, school carnival, and oh my personal crazy life with my kids... let's just say my card crafting has been put on hold for a moment.  But I haven't forgotten Doodle Dragon Studios.  Dustin's images are a staple for all my flyers, promotions and contests!

I used this adorable monkey as part of our upcoming PTA School Carnival flyer.  He was a freebie a while back.  August 10, 2011 to be more exact.  His shirt originally said, "I see.  I do."  But I used Photoshop on his shirt and added our new school T-shirt logo.  The balloons were borrowed from one of Dustin's birthday party owls.  Then I added new strings to attach them to the cute monkey.  Totally looks like, "Come to the School Carnival!" to me.

I admit.  I'm a PTA junkie.  I'm a Doodle Dragon Studios junkie.  And I love it!

I shall return.  Be patient.  :)  Things will slow down soon.

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  1. I love the monkey! We had our school carnival this part Friday night. I am glad I am not the PTO president. WOW! What a great job they did. It was our Mustang Round UP! We are Mustangs..and it is a Cowboy theme every year. I was in charge of the spin a prize wheel. I am still hoarse this evening! What a great time. I hope yours is just as fun! Love the image. I know how hectic school is at the beginning. It will slow down!