Saturday, May 12, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Door #5 - Secretaries

Okay, I saved the best for last... the secretaries door!  This is personally my all time favorite of the Teacher/Faculty Appreciation Week doors I have created.  We have a tradition that the PTA Executive Board takes care of the office administration.  Who appreciates the admin more than the PTA?  No one!  Usually, the PTA President takes the Principal's door, the PTA President-Elect takes the Vice Principal's door, and the PTA secretary takes the secretaries door.  But once again, I swapped doors with the PTA secretary, so I could do this door.  The beauty of being the TA Door Coordinator and PTA Leadership VP, oh and the fact that I LOVE doors.

Remember in March when I made a card for our head secretary that is retiring this year?  I wanted to tie it all in together.  She's been with our school since it opened 15 years ago.  The other two secretaries are staying, but I will miss Denise with her smiling face.  Our secretaries definitely keep our school under control.

Little additions to this door... amazingly, I found butcher paper that was a dull red color for the bricks.  I cut them all the same height and length, and rounded the edges with my Chomper.  Then staggered each layer.   The giraffe's mane is yarn.  The monkey has an added foliage layer on him with a slightly different green butcher paper.  And the flag has glue dots every so many inches to create the waving in the wind effect.

Next year will be my family's last year at our school.  I only have one more year of decorating doors.  So sad, on so many levels.

If you'd like to take a stroll through virtual tour of our school's Teacher Appreciation Doors, you can find it here:

Doodle Dragon Studios image - Jungle coloring page
Brown yarn
Big Chompers - rounding corner (for the bricks)
Pre-cut letters
Butcher paper
Glue dots


  1. Love the waving flag, giraffe fringe, everything!

    They are definitely going to miss you when you are not there to decorate doors - you will probably be a legend!

    Awesome - every single one!