Thursday, May 10, 2012

Teacher Appreciation #3 - Small Groups/Autism Teachers

We're at the half way mark!  Today's Teacher Appreciation Week door is the Small Groups (Autistic class) teachers door.  There is 1 main teacher with 3 aides for 14 boys (grades 4-6).  These ladies are amazing and so patient with our Small Groups students. 

In March, the Small Groups classes (we have 2) won the Pirate Ice Cream Party.  I've never done a Small Groups party so this was a new experience.  The students were so excited!  After serving the ice cream, one cute little girl grabbed my hand and pulled me close to her.  She wouldn't let me go.  I held her hand for several minutes.  Anytime she would feel my hand slightly letting go, she would hold it even tighter.  The party was over and I had to leave.  She still wouldn't let go and it was hard for me to let go!  She was so cute!  One of the aides came over to take my spot.  The students were very set in their likings, but sweet and so polite.  Both the students and the teachers inspire me to be a better, more patient and caring person.  Thanks for being part of our school!

Doodle Dragon Studios image - monkey (Awareness set)
Puzzle - Cuttlebug Puzzled cutting die
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  1. Another awesome door!!! Maybe you should move to Washington and be a part of our school! We would love to have you!

  2. Hmmmmm... I haven't been to Washington before. Could be fun!