Friday, May 11, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Door #4 - Library

Our school librarian is doing a pirate theme for her decor next year.  So I decided for Teacher/Faculty Appreciation Week to make something she could reuse.  The scroll on the signpost says, "There's no ARRRRRRGuing that Mrs. Green is our hidden treasure!"  She really is the best!  Mrs. Green wanted my parrot from the Pirate Treasure Hunt contest bulletin board, but another teacher had already spoken for it.  I love the concept and images of this door, but not the proportions.  I should have put the saying in the sky.  But on the day I was creating this door, I was super sick and my brain couldn't (and wouldn't)  think straight.  And the images couldn't be any bigger if they are going to fit on her bulletin board next year.  Despite my foggy brain, the door was completed and she loved it.


  1. Your foggy brain did GREAT!! LOVE that saying and how awesome that you made it to be reusable. Fantastic!!

  2. You did this with Foggy brain? It does not show at all. Pure perfection! :)