Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Welcome to the Science Fair!

Aren't these awesome! Obviously, it's not a question, they are! Dustin Pike is the best! I love being on his design team. I emailed him last month to see if there were any Science Fair images that I had missed in my DDS files. He tricked me (watch out, he's sneaky) into telling him our school mascot was an eagle and our colors are blue. Next thing I know, sitting in my email box were these amazing eagle Science Fair images. Dustin made them special for our school. He's so awesome! I bet if you're super nice and pay him a little extra, he would design some for your school too (contact Dustin directly). Or if you think these are great just as they are...convince him to put them in his store. These two top pictures are full posterboard sized posters greeting everyone as they came into our Science Fair. I wish I had taken a far away shot so you could see how impressive it looked.

Here are more Science Fair posters. I didn't take pictures of all the posters. As cool as they are, I'm sure you don't want to see every poster. I printed these on my wide format printer. They are 11x17 matted with poster paper then laminated. Picture #1 - these posters were placed around the school to remind the students of the upcoming event. Pictures #2-4 were placed on the end of each table for the grade level. I rotated the images through the grades. The students and teachers thought they were so awesome!

Things I learned from this project...

1. Posters from OfficeMax are $14.98 (gasp! I learned the hard way). Roughly the same size (but a tad bit bigger) posters from Costco are cheaper, only $9.25.

2. If printing at OfficeMax or other copy centers, remember they won't have cutesy fonts like (CK Handprint) and will automatically print in generic Arial. :( I forgot.

3. Save the file as a .jpg and maybe the cutesy font will work. I haven't tried this, so don't take my word for it. But I think that would do the trick.

4. Prepare to have extra ink cartridges on hand. After 20 posters, lets just say I used alot of ink.

5. Forget using a glue stick! Spray glue works great for big projects like these.

Thanks again Dustin for making me look like a really cool PTA mom!


  1. ohgosh those are so stinkin cute!!! Dustin rocks for sure :D

  2. These are AMAZAING!!! Dustin ROCKS! I wonder ig he can do a Mustang....or horse!

  3. Crap! You lucky girl!!! Are you "teachers pet"in Dustin's Doodle Crew..haha Love these images...what a studly bird!