Friday, March 4, 2011

Be a Hero for Luke!

Message from Dustin Pike:
I have been blessed to create a set of images for a little boy named Luke. Luke is a 6 year old who has been diagnosed with Spinal Meningitis after enduring a 30 minute seizure. He now has a very long journey of treatments and therapy to fight the swelling in his brain and to regain his movement and his speech. Their is a card drive for Luke HERE, as well as more information about Luke and his progress HERE. Luke plays violin, loves Super Heros, Soccer, and Star Wars. To help support Luke and his family I have created this set of images. All proceeds will be given to Luke's family to help with the extensive costs associates with Luke's procedures . Here is an opportunity to make a difference in one families life. If you have time to send Luke a little encouragement the address to mail your cards to is in the above link. Remember to keep this family in your prayers, every little bit gives hope to a family and a little boy who needs it right now.

The Digi's are HERE for sale with all proceeds going you Luke's family.

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