Monday, February 7, 2011

Dudley came to my Super Bowl Party!

Okay, it's official. I'm Doodle Dragon Studios #1 fan.

Dudley came to my Super Bowl party yesterday. He greeted my guests as they arrived. BTW - he's for both teams. One sleeve Steelers and the other Green Bay.

All the guests (my family - 16 total) had to put on a sticker to show their team support. No switching sides in the middle of the game here!

Here's the "Party Board". Nope. I didn't win this year. Party hint...put signs over doors so guests can't open them. This is the french doors to my office/craft room. It's a wreck. But with the sign no one could go in!

Dudley playing on the yummy cupcakes.

Score a touchdown when you get this set at Dustin's store:

Sadly the Steelers didn't win, but it was a good game. More importantly...the food was delicious!


  1. OK...this is just too much fun! I am loving all the Dudley football stuff! You are so creative! Wish we lived closer so I could have joined the SB party! ;O)


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  3. love love LOVE the heck did you get him this big??? lol