Sunday, November 6, 2011

DDS Challenge - Anything Goes!!!

It's time for another Doodle Dragon Studios Challenge! This challenge's theme is ANYTHING GOES! Really, you have absolutely no reason not to jump in and join the fun!

New to Doodle Dragons? (*gasp*) It's alright, we all have to start somewhere. Dustin Pike (aka Doodle Dragon Studios) is amazing! He has plenty of freebies on his site. So be sure to join our challenge!

Just pick a Dustin Pike/Doodle Dragon Studios image and create something...anything! Then post it to the Doodle Dragon Studios - Pike's Playground Challenge by Sunday, November 13th.

Remember me mentioning the M&M's long story last month? Well, here's the short story. This is the project I wanted to use them for. I FINALLY completed it today! The only problem is it took me SIX big bags of delicious M&M's to do it. I confess...I ate them all! I have a weakness for peanut M&M's. Okay fine...and candy. You see right through me! So if you need me, I'll be on my treadmill this month. :(

Doodle Dragon Studios image
Clear plastic cookie container
Fall colored Peanut M&M's
American Crafts ribbon
American Crafts cardstock
Font - LD Mixed


  1. Kerri, this is so cute! Love the sentiment with the image. Too clever!


  2. Great Job! I love it as always! Nice to see you back too!

  3. So Cute!!! I have a couple big bags of the peanut M&M's in the house now... Don't know how they are still here. ;-) Love the setiment it's goes so well with the image. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Ooh M & M's are always on my shopping list when I visit the States, but the "almond" ones as we can't get them here in the UK!!
    I love this idea Keri, and a fab way to use Dustin's Digis!!