Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Counting Our Blessings & Box Tops

Once again, it's time for another Box Tops contest at our school. So this month we're..."Counting Our Blessings & Box Tops!" I thought Dustin Pike's/Doodle Dragon Studios juggling monkey would be perfect for this contest. This picture doesn't really show it, but he's 2 1/2" feet tall and the number are really fuchsia colored like Box Tops (not red). Silly camera. Next contest I'll be sure to make it bulletin board style so it stands out better.

Okay, it's bragging time. Our school totally rocks! So far this year we have earned $3636 with Box Tops! In addition, we won our local Macey's grocery store school competition AND we won our local Walmart school competition which means we won another 2000 Bonus Box Tops (worth $200.00) and a $100 gift card! Let's just say I'm one proud Box Tops lady! Thanks to Dustin, my contest flyers and bulletin boards are super cute and well branded!

Doodle Dragon Studios monkey image - July Membership


  1. WOW! Congratulations! That is awesome. We do box tops too. We don't total until the end, so I don't know where we are. One more idea you might like to do that we do is Capri Sun pouches. We just started and we have made $600. Now that word has gotten around, we have parents saving from sports events and are bringing them in from home in the bagfuls. It is another money maker for us as well.

  2. Thanks! Your school doesn't turn in the Box Tops until the end? Interesting. There are two dates you must turn them in November 1st (to get a December check) and February 29th (April check). If you are a supporter for your school on BoxTops4education.com you should be able to see your school current earnings of what they have turned in, if any. :)

    Great job on the Capri Sun pouches!

  3. What would that school do without you Kerri - great job!

  4. I don't do anything with the box tops. I just collect them with my class and turn them over. Then just hear the totals. Last year we spent money on play ground equipment, and had a baseball (kickball) diamond put in with backstop real bases, mound and everything. The kids love it.

    Also, our police department is pretty cruddy. When I called about the k9 units, we were told no because that would put them on overtime because they only work nights. Their boss wouldn't even let them volunteer their time! Said the dogs were police equipment.

    I think you should move here! Help our school out!