Thursday, October 28, 2010

What a Bunch of Characters!

Grab a Diet Coke!!! This one is a long one!

Yea! We finally made it to Disneyland! Yes, I did say finally. I'm usually not a sharer of personal stories, but this one is a success moment so bear with me. Over 1 1/2 years ago I approached my DH with a deal...if I lost 25 lbs. then he would send me and Brooke (my 9 year old DD) to Disneyland. Seemed simple enough at the time (obviously because I'm the one who thought of the deal), but Mickey Mouse land turned out to be more illusive to get to then originally planned. For whatever excuses, I did the whole yo yo thing way too long.

In August, I finally decided to get serious and jumped in full force. I was officially motivated this time. There were many more factors why THIS time was going to be IT. The strongest one was so when I walked my son across the field on Senior Night on his last game of his high school football career, we could both be proud. I rocked it and lost 40 lbs! Here we are:

I love my #89! I wore Brandon's letterman jacket for the occasion. It was awesome! I've never worn someone's jacket. :) He also won Academic All-State in Football. Such a proud mother moment! Have you heard the song by Kenny Chesney - The Boys of Fall? You have to watch the video! I cry every time I hear it. Football has been our life for 9 years. I will miss seeing him (and his friends) on the field.

Senior Night was on Friday night and we (Brooke & I) left Saturday morning for Disneyland. TA-DAH! FINALLY!

Mickey greeted us each morning. He must be really tricky because we saw him at his house about 10 minutes later and he was dressed in his tux. :) Hmmm...I wonder how many Mickey's are in the park at one time? Do they ever cross paths?

If we weren't seeing the characters (priorities here) or riding rides, we were playing with all the fun hats! We literally tried on all the hats in all the different areas and took pictures in each one. The salesman in Frontier Land seemed a little annoyed. Who needs to buy the hats when you can just play with them? This Jack hat was my personal fav. I might have purchased it, but for some silly reason I only brought one suitcase for us to share. Note to self...bring an empty suitcase! Hello? Who only brings one suitcase for Disneyland!

Here's my favorite character I met while in Disneyland! It's Dustin! Even though we only live 50 miles from each other, this is the first time we've met! All the way in Disneyland! Our trips overlapped by a day. He's awesome! Darn it! I should have had him sign my autograph book. I'm one of his biggest fans! Maybe I can get an autographed picture instead! :)

It snowed in Utah 6" the morning the day we were flying home. It was 85 degrees in Cali. Mickey said we could stay as long as we wanted. Soooo tempting to stay until Spring!

So I still have 20 more pounds I want to lose. I wonder if I can get another vacation somewhere?!!! Where should I go?


  1. what fab photos, love the one of you and "the boss"

  2. What a FABULOUS success story and what awesome photos too. Being on a diet myself, your story was very encouraging to hear. I think I am still on the yo-yo part ... I need a motivational boost or something. Thanx for sharing the story ... BTW, you look pretty darn amazing on that football field!