Monday, October 11, 2010

Provo Craft Cricut Swarm

What better way to spend your birthday weekend than at a Provo Craft Cricut Circle Swarm? I love my Cricut and Provo Craft! I am formerly AdminKerri on the Cricut message board, which made it sooooo much fun to put faces to the MB family names.

I'm not going to lie...the highlight of my day was meeting Pam - thebugbytes. :) She is even more awesome and amazing in person! We had worked very closely together since she is a Bug Guide, but had never met. I'm so happy she jumped on a plane to come! AdminBecky was in her Halloween element. She's a riot to work with!

We had such a cool table. Phlenin convinced Makeupgirl217 and I to put on our crazy Cricut Imagine glasses for this pic. Love you guys too! Thanks for a great day ladies!

Of course, I had to use a Dustin image on my calling card! It's the cutest bear and pumpkin ever. Here's the front and back of my card.

Despite spraining my ankle (which is now a pretty black & blue color) in the dance off for the new Imagine machine, I had a fabulous time! I didn't win the big prize, but I won a cartridge.

I wonder when they will do another Swarm? I'm ready!


  1. Oh thank you my dear. You know you were mine too.


  2. Hi dear! I came running here from Pamis blog. I will be back asap. great to meet you too.

  3. Just such a same us in the UK can't join the circle and have something like it.
    Sad Fi xxx but happy for you all seems you had a fab time

  4. So that explains all the dancing pictures from the swarm! As much as I would love to have an Imagine, I wouldn't have had the courage to get up and dance for one. LOL!!! I'm happy for whoever one it, though. Sorry about your sprained ankle. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

  5. First time here, but like your work.

  6. I had so much fun meeting you! Big Hugs!

  7. Any word on the next Provo Craft Cricut Swarm? I'm trying to plan to attend the next one. Thanks.