Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's Never Too Late to Party!

Remember last week on Doodle Dragon Studios we had a challenge to "Bling It Up" a project. Well, I didn't get it done in time. In my mind, I saw (I can still see!) this perfect piece of Mardi Gras paper that I know I have. Apparently, I've put it in a "special" spot because I have search high and low for it! I kept thinking I was going to find somewhere in my collection. Nope. I couldn't finish the project without it. I was disappointed because I love this blinged up Mardi Gras dragon. Sadly, I set him aside.

This morning, I was cruising around the my usual favorite website stops. Party Time Tuesday is having a bling it up - anyway you want challenge! Yeah! My dragon was suddenly reawakened! I didn't find the original piece of paper I was looking for, but I decided this purple piece would work just fine. See... it's never too late to party! You can't get much more bling than a collection of Mardi Gras necklaces, rhinestones, and shiny Hershey Kisses. How you get your necklaces - is your choice. I, personally, just purchased mine from the store. Hee hee.

I must say I've only been to New Orleans once . I was pregnant at the time, with wild morning sickness (that lasted all day - all 9 months). The smells and flavors of the city put me waaaaaay over the top. I'm not sure if New Orleans was really given a fair shake. Maybe after I've checked off all the other places I want to travel, I'll circle back to it again.

Oh look, more chocolate! Does someone want to come help me eat all this?

Doodle Dragon Studios image - 20 Halloween 2011 Set
Close to My Heart patterned paper
American Crafts gold foil cardstock
DCWV - Glitter Cardstock Stack (background paper)
Kaiser rhinestones
Party beads - Dollar Store
Green recipe box - Michael's
Hershey's Dark Chocolate Kisses


  1. This is great!!! Our Family Math night is Math Mardi Gras...this would be a great table decoration for that! Very nicely done!

  2. I will be down on Thursday to help you eat the chocolate on my way to St George...

  3. @Cari - in the 20 Halloween 2011 set there are a few different character that would work too.

    @Dustin - how about I bring them for the road trip? Not enough room? I'll ride on the roof! I'm done with the cold & snow.

  4. Holy BLING!! Wow, does this ever pop! The bold color scheme is great! Very cute! Hope we see you again soon at Party Time Tuesdays.
    PTT DT