Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

For the record, my daughter is a huge Dustin Pike - Doodle Dragon Studios fan. Almost as big as fan as me (it's tough to compete). She loves DDS images. Often she selects a bunch of digis to print off to color. So I wasn't surprised when she wanted to use this cute kangaroo for her Valentine's, which then extended into her Valentine Box. You just pull on the bow to open his heart to leave your Valentine. She's super excited to show off her box and her treat today.

Remember last month was our school's Buy One/Get One Free Book Fair? It's my favorite time to stock up on teacher gifts for a great price. At the Book Fair, the teachers have a "Wish Box" where they put the books they would love to have in their class. Our family has a fun tradition to buy a book (with their favorite treat) for each of my children's teacher and PAST teachers to give it to them on Valentine's Day. Teachers make such an impression on building the foundation of a child. We want them to know we love them in every layer we build. They've had a hand it in. Sadly, this year my daughter is down to three teachers. The other three have either retired or moved to a different state.

Here's a trick to saving money on teachers gifts... Buy at the B1/G1 Free Book Fair, Valentine basket/bag wrap from the Dollar Store (cut in half then tape down the back). It's too huge for one book, but perfect for two. This way any book size will fit. Then top it off with a clearance Christmas red ribbon (you can never have too much curly ribbon if you get it at a bargin!). Plan ahead and watch for your teacher's favorite treat to go on sale.

Doodle Dragon Studios image - December 2011 Membership
Provo Craft 12x24 cardstock
Shipping box
Wrapping paper
Artificial grass
"I Love You" ribbon from stash

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