Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Doin' It 4 Dylan

As you may already know, Dustin Pike aka Doodle Dragon Studios, has the biggest heart of anyone I know. So when he gave out a call to send cards to Dylan, I knew I had to join the cause. Dylan is a 9 yr old boy recently diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor (Diffused Pontine Glioma). Here is Dylan's blog where you can read all about the things that this cute little boy and his family are going thru.

When you read Dylan's blog, you'll find he loves basketball, favorite color is blue and is a BYU fan (conveniently their colors are blue & white). Recently he met his favorite basketball player (and BYU player) Jimmer Fredette! Lucky! Remember the Teacher Appreciation Door post in April? It's the same guy. I used the famous "Teach Me How To Jimmer" phrase again, because #1 Dylan will love it, and #2 I seriously need to take a lesson from Dylan and his family. They are truly inspiring on facing this challenge with such a positive spirit and great faith in the Lord. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

Check out the monkey's wrist. He is sporting a wristband that Dylan is selling on his blog (I used Photoshop). I bought my own Doin' It 4 Dylan shirt and wristband. Dustin is offering a special edition image set for anyone who sends a card to Dylan. Read the Doodle Dragon Studios blog for more information. There's also another little boy, Thomas, who needs cards too. His story is in the post. Let's get cranking and send these courageous boys lots of cards!

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