Thursday, April 12, 2012

Box Tops Bragging

So I have to brag just a wee bit about our school. As you may know, I am the Ongoing Fundraising Coordinator in the PTA. One of the programs I am over is Box Tops. I must say it is the most fun position (I hold several) on the PTA board, when your students/families are motivated.

Here's this month's promotion bulletin board. For each completed Box Tops collection sheet (10 Box Tops), the students may trade their sheet for a plastic egg. The egg is filled with a treat, a prize, or an extra drawing ticket. The special drawing is for a 30" Snoopy Easter bunny stuffed animal. Plus any unclaimed prizes (prize slips in the eggs that have not been opened) will be drawn for too. The students are "egg"cited for this contest. Snoopy originally didn't have bunny ears. I enlarged them off from one of Dustin's Easter images.

Okay, back to the bragging... our school totally rocks! Box Tops for Education has posted the school rankings for the 2011-2012 year.

Here are the fantastic results:
Our school earned $5,075.51 in Box Tops this year. We are ranked:
4th Place - in our area/schools within 25 miles (out of 386 schools)
7th Place - in our state (out of 757 schools)
468th Place - in the nation (out of 87,018 schools)

Spring Break is this week. You won't find me at school. But you can find me at Disneyland!!! See you next week!

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  1. You do a egg-cellent job! Have fun at Disneyland!