Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Little Corny...

Where did the week go? I had mentioned I was going to post daily Fall projects due to a challenge given to me. Sorry the days slipped away! I made a set of these corny guys and took pictures earlier in the week. I immediately ate the candy corns without waiting to download the pictures. Let's just say I polished off the whole bag of these yummy (are they really yummy? or just nostalgic? I think it's B) candy corn. The pictures were terrible! So off I went to the store to buy yet another bag. (Just wait until you hear my owl project story, but that's another day). I was very tempted to eat them again. But I resisted! Finally! These are super easy, yet super fun!

Here's a close up.

Doodle Dragon Studios images - August Membership #26 & #27
Creative Memories - circle punches
EK Success - scallop punch
Candy cello bags - Pebbles in My Pocket
Candy corn
Glossy Accent


  1. ADORABLE!!! did you get that black circle around the candy corn SOOO PERFECT?? This is soo cute!!

  2. One steady hand...just kidding! I photoshopped it.

  3. Yummy,candy corn is sooooo YUMMY! Great project. Thanks for sharing even though I don't remember getting any candy corn.


  4. Correction...I imported the candy INTO Photoshop, put the dotted circle around it then printed it out. After I read what I wrote it sounded wrong. ;)