Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kookies with the K-9 Contest

Dustin Pike/Doodle Dragon Studios does it again! Don't you love the AWESOME dog?! It's perfect for our school's Kookies with the K-9 contest! This is the display that greets you as you walk in the main doors.

What's a Kookies with the K-9 contest, you ask? As you may remember, I am the Ongoing Fundraising Coordinator at our school. The goal of this contest is to get the students to actually turn in all the ongoing fundraising items they have collected over the summer. Points are given to each thing such as Box Tops, Campbell's Labels for Education, My Coke Rewards, ink cartridges, linking store cards to our school, joining the PTA, parents "Like" our PTA facebook page and becoming a "Follower" on the PTA blog. Plus weekly bonus point opportunities. The top three classrooms with the most points at the end of the contest wins a Cookie Party with our city policeman and his trusty K-9 companion. At the party, the police officer will give a short assembly of a K-9's job on the police force then eat cookies! The kids are freaking out over this contest! What's crazy is the older grades are more excited about this contest than the younger grades.

Each week the class that earns the most points (for the past week) receive this "Top Dog" trophy in their classroom all week and have a special "Top Dog" week winner poster to hang up in the hall. The classroom/teacher also receives a big shopping bag full of school supplies. (Weird, I didn't take a picture of that yet). The classrooms are really funny about their posters. They will keep them up all year.

Here's one of our 5th grade classes proudly showing their posters. They won two weeks in a row.

Oddly enough...the 5th grade class next door won the next week. We still have two more weeks before the contest is over.

The awesome K-9 with cookies image is on all my weekly flyers and Box Tops collection sheet too. LOVE IT! Thanks Dustin!


  1. WOW!!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!! I LOVE it...where is the dog??? I have all of his images...I have never ever seen dog images. I want them. I do dog everything. I WANT them! This is soooooo cute! Are there other breeds? BTW- great job on this! Can I mention this to our PTO...they could do something like this with our fund raiser. Another CASE? THIS IS AMAZING!!! I am so going to find these dogs!!! GREAT JOB!!!

  2. Oh Dustin does it again! And great job done by Kerri too!!

  3. The K-9 is a Dustin exclusive. Maybe if enough people ask he will put it up in his store. :)

    Certainly you may mention it to your PTO. The kids are going crazy over the possibility of winning this K-9 party.

    Another fun idea that the students loved...We have a fire station within a block of our school. I did a contest last year that the top classes won a party at the fire station with the firemen. Totally fun! I used Dudley the Fireman as the mascot for that contest. Dustin's images work every time!

  4. Our Police department won't participate in this as they say they would have to pay the officers overtime. I am so disappointed as I can't even talk to the officers to see if they would be willing to donate their time. :o(

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful idea. I just did this at our school and the students brought in 5481 box tops in one month.
    Georgia Caulkins, Galesburg, IL