Sunday, December 14, 2014

Party Time

Merry Christmas!  Here is the tree I decorated for our store.  I wish I would have taken a closer picture of it, but for these pictures I was focused on the fireplace.  For our company Christmas party, we had an Ugly Sweater theme.  One of my assignments for the party was to come up with a backdrop for pictures.  So I decided to make this fireplace... nice and cozy next to the tree with everyone in their sweaters... the classic family photo.  I found this ugly sweater for Cow at Target.  It's actually a dog sweater, but it fit great!

How to make the fireplace... I taped together 3 boxes for the base of the mantle.  Then covered it in black butcher paper.  The brick is a flat cardboard covered in red.  I used masking tape to make the lines.  The mantle ledge is 3 of the same size boxes as the base, but cut in half and turned upright.  Covered once again in black butcher paper.  The back edge of the ledge is cut so the piece can slide OVER the brick sheet.  Did you follow that?  The kids absolutely loved it!  As you can see one of them tried to fall into the fire.

6 boxes
Butcher paper - red, orange, yellow, gray, brown
Masking tape

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