Friday, May 10, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week - Door #5

I think my favorite door to decorate is the Librarian's door.  It's more than just a door, it's a scene!

Well, we made our way through all five doors I created.  Since I'm also the PTA Teacher Appreciation Door Coordinator, I take picture of ALL the doors we decorate every year (55+ doors).  You can take an electronic stroll around our school's Teacher Appreciation Week doors HERE.  You will to see how the halls of our school were magically transformed by creative parents in love and appreciation.

Doodle Dragon Studios images
Butcher paper
Sesame Street Cricut cartridge


  1. These are all amazing. You do such hard work for this school and your time and energy show it! I am not even a part of this school, and wish you were a parent at mine! GREAT JOB. I know that they will miss you, congratulations on your baby growing up. FANTASTIC job over the last several years!!!