Friday, April 12, 2013

Somebunny Love Box Tops!

Ah man, it's getting close!  Only 2 more months of school left!  And my second to last bulletin board at this school.  After 13 years of having children here, my youngest child will graduate to junior high this year.  Sniff. Sniff.  And after 8 years of being the PTA Ongoing Fundraising Coordinator (which includes being the Box Tops Lady) it's coming to an end too.  Sniff.  Sniff.  It's the BEST position and most fun position on the PTA Board!

Thanks to Dustin Pike aka Doodle Dragon Studios for the most amazing images to work with over the years!  My bulletin boards, poster and flyers always look so great!

For this bulletin board, I used my wide format printer and 12"x24" cardstock to make the bunny (isn't he adorable!?) and wagon.  I printed sections at a time then paper pieced them together.  The background is wrapping papers.

I have to brag a little bit about our school.  The students, families and faculty are super supportive of all our Ongoing Fundraising programs, Box Tops being our top program.  This year we rocked it again!  We earned $5,491.41 just from Box Tops!

In the Box Tops World, our school is currently ranked:
#6 in our Area - within 25 miles (out of 400 schools)
#8 in the State (out of 773 schools)
#214 in the Nation (out of 88,911 schools)

Somebunny LOVES Box Tops!  It must be Eaglecrest Elementary families!   EGG-cellent job Eaglecrest!  For our next Somebunny LOVES Box Tops contest, the students will trade in their completed Box Tops collection sheets for a plastic egg filled with a treat, a prize or an extra ticket in our drawing for bigger prizes! 

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  1. Super cute bulletin board. The kiddos sure grow up fast don't they? Yay, for involved parents and congrats on your school ranking. That's awesome.