Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hello July...

Hello July,

No offense, but where did June go? It went way too fast and now your here. June was such a crazy blur with graduation, swim team every morning, cheer practice, tumbling, swim training, camp, Youth Conference, PTA, college orientation, life, sleep and lots of rainy days. I am officially requesting a DO OVER. So I'm going to start summer new. I'm taking a vacation from my blog (without guilt) to go have fun with my family and friends. Hopefully Crafty Mojo will come back to me and we can whip up some super fun projects with Doodle Dragon Studios images. I promise to come back...

Maybe you could suggest to my followers to leave me some love that they stopped by while I am playing? I'll have a fun giveaway for someone when I get done enjoying Summer. Just have them leave a comment on this post on what they are doing this summer to make it memorable.

Thanks July for coming and bringing Sunshine with you!

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  1. Happy Vacation to you!!! Being a teacher...I LOVE the month of July as it is my my only time off usually. I take classes after school is out, and then classes again in August and set my room back up and start in the middle of August. So never believe the rumors the teachers get three months off!We get about 4 weeks. My husband and I do not have kids of our own so we will be traveling to Galveston, TX to see our 3 yr old niece, and 1 yr old nephew. We live in Eastern Washington, so this is quite the trek. We haven't seen her since she was 6 months old! It is definitely time. Fun activities we have done with friends so far for my scrapbook is we have visited the local cheese factory, and investigated Gravity Hill. We have made s'mores in tinfoil is our the car's heat, and taken the dogs to the river to swim. And, it is only July 7th! I hope you enjoy your vacation!